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Hi everybody and welcome to my website. My website has games, downloads, videos and much much more. It also has tips for Club Penguin and by the way if anyone wants to be my buddy on 'CP', my penguin name is Gabe Yo. I know, it's kinda uncool but then again I didn't make it so don't critisize me about it.


About me

Yo! The name's Gabriel. I'm half British and half Ecuadorian, I'm eleven years old, I rock at tennis, I play the drums, I have two cats and a little sister. My favourite kinds of music are rock, heavy rock, pop, techno and very other type of electronic music. My favourite bands are AC/DC and the Jonas Brothers, my favourite songs are Back in Black by AC/DC, Blue by Eiffel 65, SOS and Burnin' Up by 'JB'. My favourite animals are (there's lots of them by the way) cheetahs, snow leopards, dolphins and killer whales. I'm also quite good at math, English and science. Oh, and since I'm half Ecuadorian (which is in South America) I also speak Spanish. And that's about it really. Pretty long list but then again I'm an interesting kid.


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